Blue + White China Glass Bracelet

Blue + White China Glass Bracelet

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Materials: Recycled glass, brass, sandalwood & coconut on strong stretch cord

Blue & White Recycled Beads

These uniquely patterned round glass beads are made using traditional methods used to create powder glass beads. The procedure for making the beads consists of a number of steps whereby powdered glass is poured into molds of clay and baked in a specialized oven.

The Basics of African Beads
The term African Beads is used to refer to both beads locally produced by indigenous people of the African continent as well as Trade Beads that have traveled from other parts of the world and now circulate or were recently sourced from Africa. Together these beads have played an enormous role in the culture, fashion, economy, and artistic expression of the African people. Today, they are cherished by collectors, jewelry makers, and everyday people who just love wearing African beads! African tribal beads and glass beads also hold a special mythical significance as well.

Made in United States of America